Ghana: The Latest to Become Part of The Way to Happiness Family




May 31, 2167


The Way to Happiness Foundation recently launched its campaign in Ghana, by conducting a seminar at a junior high school built by the citizens of a small community. Townspeople and school staff determined to do something about increasing crime among their young people, announced that they had chosen to introduce a Way to Happiness campaign as a means to both lower the crime rate and bring a sense of hope and happiness to all involved.

During the seminar, there was a lively exchange between faculty, administrators and the students about the twenty-one precepts of The Way to Happiness. Teachers plan to incorporate the information from this campaign into their classes as well.

The event also saw students proudly wearing “Be Competent” (precept 17) T-shirts, as they are now taking an active role in applying the precepts both in their school and home life. Accordingly, the word on the programs is now spreading, with other schools asking how they can become involved in The Way to Happiness. The next phase of the campaign in Ghana calls for at least 2,000 booklets in English and Ewe, one of the original native languages spoken in the mountain communities of Ghana.